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Adult Fiction

This is How it Always Is
by Laurie Frankel

ISBN: 1250088569

Children's Books

10,000 Dresses
by Marcus Ewert

Grades K-4
ISBN: 9781583229507

A Boy Named Queen
by Sara Cassidy

Grades 3-6
ISBN: 978-1773063782

A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary
by Hunter Chinn-Raicht

Grades K-4
ISBN: 9781951253912

A Kids Book About Being Transgender
by Gia Parr

Grades K-4
ISBN: 9781951253936

A Kids Book About Gender
by Dale Mueller

Grades K-4
ISBN: 9781951253677

All I Want to Be is Me
by Phyllis Rothblatt, MFT

Grades 3-4
ISBN: 1452818258

Annie’s Plaid Shirt
by Stacie B. Davids

Grades K-3
ISBN: 0692512454

Be Who You Are
by Jennifer Carr

Grades P-3
ISBN: 1452087253

Born Ready
by Jodie Patterson

Grades P-3
ISBN: 9780593123638

But I’m Not a Boy
by Katie Leone

Grades P-2
ISBN: 9781514383100

Elliott’s New Clothes
by Ash Horne

Grades K-2
ISBN: 9781365043567

Eugene the Unicorn and the Road to Self Acceptance
by T. Wheeler

Grades 2-adult
ISBN: 979-8580667522

The Gender Fairy
by Joe Hirst

Grades P-3
ISBN: 9780994457004

by Alex Gina

Grades 4-6
ISBN: 9788501077677

Introducing Teddy
by Jessica Walton

Grades P-1
ISBN: 1681192101

I Am Jazz
by Jessica Herthel

Grades P-3
ISBN: 0803741073

I’m a Girl!
by Yasmeen Ismail

Grades P-1
ISBN: 9781619639751

Jacob’s New Dress
by Sarah & Ian Hoffman

Grades P-3
ISBN: 0807563757

Jacob’s Room to Choose
by Sarah & Ian Hoffman

Grades K-3
ISBN: 1433830736

My Princes Boy
by Cheryl Kilodavis

Grades P-3
ISBN: 1442429887

Perfectly Bella
by Camilla Gisslow

Grades P-3
ISBN: 9198654764

Perfectly Charlie
by Camilla Gisslow

Grades P-3
ISBN: 9198654772

Perfectly Linus
by Camilla Gisslow

Grades P-3
ISBN: 9198654756

Phoenix Goes to School
by Michelle & Phoenix Finch

Grades K-3
ISBN: 178592821X

Pink, Blue and You!
by Elise Gravel with Mykaell Blais

Grades P-3
ISBN: 9780593178638

by Alex Gina

Grades 3-7
ISBN: 1338048104

Who Are You?
by Brook Pessin-Whedbee

Grades 1-2
ISBN: 1785927280

You Be You!: The Kid’s Guide to Gender, Sexuality, and Family
by Jonathan Branfman

Grades K-3
ISBN: 1787750108

For Medical Professionals

A Clinician’s Guide to Gender-Affirming Care: Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients
by Sand C. Chang, Anneliese A. Singh, & Lore M. Dickey

ISBN: 1684030528

A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Identity and Body Image: Practical Support for Working with Transgender and Gender-Expansive Clients
by Heide Dalzell & Kayti Protos

ISBN: 1785928309

A Reflective Guide to Gender Identity Counselling
by Madison-Amy Webb

ISBN: 1785923838

Gender Basics

The ABC’s of LGBTQ+
by Ash Mardell

ISBN: 163353409X

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trans (But Were Afraid to Ask)
by Brynne Tannehill

ISBN: 1785928260

A Guide to Gender: The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook
by Sam Killermann

ISBN: 0989760243

Be He/She/They – Us: Essential Information, Vocabulary & Concepts
by Jessica Soukup

ISBN: 9781547107018

How to Understand Your Gender: A Practical Guide for Understanding Who You Are
by Alex Iantaffi & Meg-John Barker

ISBN: 1785927469

A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns
by Archie Bongiovanni & Tristan Jimerson

ISBN: 1620104997

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community
by Laura Erikson-Schroth

ISBN: 0199325359

Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue
by Nicholas Teich

ISBN: 0231157134

Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not
by Joanne Herman

ISBN: 1449029574

Transgender History: The Roots of Today’s Revolution
by Susan Stryker

ISBN: 158005689X

You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery
by Dara Hoffman-Fox

ISBN: 1510723056

“You’re in the Wrong Bathroom!”: And 20 Other Myths and Misconceptions About Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming People
by Laura Erikson-Schroth & Laura A. Jacobs

ISBN: 0807033898


About a Girl: A Mother’s Powerful Story of Raising her Transgender Child
by Rebekah Robertson

ISBN: 014378515X

Allies & Angels: A Memoir of Our Family’s Transition
by Terri & Vince Cook

ISBN: 0989402703

Always Kristen: A Memoir
by Rita B. Nelson

ISBN: 1544197829

Becoming Eve: My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman
by Abby Stein

ISBN: 1580059163

Becoming Nicole: The inspiring story of transgender actor-activist Nicole Maines and her extraordinary family
by Amy Ellis Nutt

ISBN: 0812995430

Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity
by Andrew Solomon

ISBN: 0743236726

I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a Transgender Child 
by Cheryl B. Evans

ISBN: 0995180717

Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience
by Matt Kailey

ISBN: 0807079596

Love Lives Here: A Story of Thriving in a Transgender Family
by Amanda Jette Knox

ISBN: 0735235171

Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity
by Micah Rajunov & A. Scott Duane

ISBN: 0231185332

Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son
by Lori Duron

ISBN: 0770437729

Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child with No Strings Attached
by Hillary Whittington

ISBN: 0062388886

Second Son: Transitioning Toward My Destiny, Love, and Life
by Ryan Sallans

ISBN: 9780982000960

Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story
by Jacob Tobia

ISBN: 0735218846

Sorted: Growing Up, Coming Out, and Finding My Place (A Transgender Memoir)
by Jackson Bird

ISBN: 1982130776

Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality
by Sarah McBride

ISBN: 1524761486

The Auditorium in My Mind: Treasuring My Transgender Child
by Lisa Brennan
(A TransParent parent!)

ISBN: 1794830898

Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL’s Journey to Coming out Transgender 
by Kirsten Beck & Anne Speckhard, PhD

ISBN: 1935866435

What We Will Become: A Mother, a Son, and a Journey of Transformation
by Mimi Lemay

ISBN: 0544965833

A Year Without a Name: A Memoir
by Cyrus Grace Dunham

ISBN: 0316444979


The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Gender Identity: A Mindful Approach to Embracing Your Child’s Authentic Self
by Darlene Tando

ISBN: 1440596301

The Gender Affirmative Model: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Children
by Colt Keo-Meier & Diane Ehrensaft, PhD

ISBN: 1433829126

The Gender Creative Child: Pathways for Nurturing and Supporting Children Who Live Outside Gender Boxes
by Diane Ehrensaft, PhD & Norman Spack, MC

ISBN: 1615193065

Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender-Nonconforming Children
by Diane Ehrensaft, PhD

ISBN: 1615190600

A Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Years
by Deborah Price

ISBN: 1785922890

The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals
by Stephanie A. Brill & Rachel Pepper

ISBN: 1573443182

Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Teens
by Stephanie A. Brill & Lisa Kenney

ISBN: 1627781749

Unconditional: A Guide to Loving and Supporting Your LGBTQ Child
by Telaina Eriksen 

ISBN: 1633535150


Transgender & Jewish
by Naomi Zeveloff

ISBN: 1499339720

The Transsexual and the Cross: Disproving the Myth That Transsexuality is a Sin
by Katie Leone

ISBN: 1484072049

What Does God Think?: Transgender People and The Bible
by Cheryl B. Evans

ISBN: 0995180741


The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime That Changed Their Lives
by Dashka Slater

Ages 12+

ISBN: 1250229138

Act Cool
by Tobly McSmith

Ages 14-adult

ISBN: 9780063038561

Before I Had the Words: On Being a Transgender Young Adult
by Skylar Kergil

Ages 14-17

ISBN: 1510723064

Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen
by Jazz Jennings

Ages 12+

ISBN: 039955467X

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out
by Susan Kuklin

Ages 14+

ISBN: 0763673684

Far from the Tree: Young Adult Edition–How Children and Their Parents Learn to Accept One Another . . . Our Differences Unite Us
by Andrew Solomon

Ages 14+

ISBN: 1481440918

If I Was Your Girl (A Novel)
by Meredith Russo

Ages 13-18

ISBN: 1250078415

LGBTQ: The Survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens
by Kelly Huegel Madrone

Ages 13+

ISBN: 9781631983023

Real Talk for Teens: A Jump-Start Guide to Gender Transitioning and Beyond
by Seth Jamison Rainess

Ages 14+

ISBN: 0982405324

Some Assembly Required: The Not-So-Secret Life of a Transgender Teen
by Arin Andrews

Ages 14+

ISBN: 1481416766

Stay Gold (A Novel)
by Tobly McSmith

Ages 14+

ISBN: 0062943170

Trans Teen Survival Guide
by Fox & Owl Fisher

Ages 8-16

ISBN: 1785923412

Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You
by Jathryn Gonzales & Karen Rayne

Ages 15-18

ISBN: 1433829835

Workbooks & Journals

Beyond the Gender Binary
by Alok Vaid-Menon & Ashley Lukashevsky

ISBN: 0593094654

The Gender Identity Workbook for Kids: A Guide to Exploring Who You Are
by Kelly Storck

ISBN: 1684030307

The Gender Quest Workbook: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults Exploring Gender Identity
by Rylan J. Testa, Deborah Coolhart, & Jayme Peta

ISBN: 1626252971

Wonderfully and Purposely Made: I Am Enough: A Journal All about Me
by Cheryl B. Evans

ISBN: 0995180784

My Parenting Journey with a Transgender Child: A Journal
by Cheryl B. Evans

ISBN: 1775352617

My Transgender Transition Tracker
by Transtastic Books

ISBN: 9781654193416

The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook: Skills for Navigating Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression
by Anneliese A. Singh

ISBN: 1626259461

The Reflective Workbook for Parents and Families of Transgender and Non-Binary Children: Your Transition as Your Child Transitions
by D. M. Maynard

ISBN: 1787752364

The Trans Self-Care Workbook: A Coloring Book and Journal for Trans and Non-Binary People
by Theo Lorenz

ISBN: 1787753433

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