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TransParenthood: Raising a Transgender Child Blog by Gail O’Connor
Raising a transgender child isn’t something anyone is prepared for. Meet parents who learned, more than they ever imagined possible, about loving and accepting kids for who they are. (Note: Updates to the blog ended in 2018).

GenderQueer.Me Blog by Micah
Over the past 5 years I’ve been transitioning – or rather, trying to figure out what transition means to me, as someone whose gender is neither female nor male. Specifically, I’ve done stuff with my body, my name, and my legal documents, to find comfort and happiness. Throughout this journey, I’ve discovered a lot about the LGBTQ community, about being transgender, about the way your body works, about the medical system and the legal system and even the political system, because it’s all intertwined and our health and happiness is contingent on society supporting us. I’ve found that the lessons learned extend beyond gender into life in general.

Gender Blog by Darlene Tando, LCSW
This blog is about gender and all its intricacies… I will be blogging about latest research, reflections from my work with gender non-conforming and transgender clients, as well as information about resources. (Note: Updates to the blog ended in 2018).

Raising My Rainbow Blog by Lori Duron
The first “Mommy Blog” to chronicle the daily joys, struggles and, sometimes, embarrassments that go along with raising a gender nonconforming child. (Please see the link in our books sections regarding Lori’s book of the same name.)

Gender Mom Blog by Marlo Mack
Well, I suppose it’s time I started blogging about all of this. Where to begin? Just over five years ago, I had my first (and only) child.  A boy!  Cool!  Boys love their moms, right?  He’d be a hip, feminist guy like his dad, who loved Legos and martial arts and sci-fi but could cook, too.  And I’d also be able to avoid all those icky Disney Princesses. My son was barely three years old when he informed me that I’d got it wrong.  Silly me: I’d been fooled, as so many of us are, by the whole penis/vagina thing.  My child set me straight … (Note: Updates to the blog ended in 2018 but Marlo has a podcast that you can find below.)

The Maven of Mayhem Blog (Formerly) by Amanda Jette Knox
In early 2014, her middle child came out to the family as a transgender girl, shifting the focus of her mom’s writing career towards LGBTQ+ rights and education. Alexis’ journey changed everything, and taught Amanda a great deal about courage, compassion and authenticity. It made her a better person. Full stop. A few months later, inspired by Alexis’ courage, Amanda’s spouse, Zoe, came out as a transgender woman. It’s been two years of very big changes for this family! Amanda’s wife is now living openly, her kids have two moms, and there is a permanent rainbow over the house that unicorns like to prance around on. It’s all very gay.


Gender Spectrum Lounge – Discussion Forum by Gender Spectrum
The Gender Spectrum Lounge is a global online community for gender-expansive teens, their families, and support professionals to connect, collaborate, and find resources. Bridging the social aspect in finding support, there are plenty of member-groups, and new groups are created all the time.


Ask a Pediatrician by Hilary McClafferty, MD
This podcast covers topics on top of mind of parents of kids of all ages from nutrition, supplement use, stress management strategies, mind-body medicine, sleep, behavioral health, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, gut issues, asthma, children living with chronic health issues, environmental health, children’s preventive health and more. In interviews with expert colleagues, Dr. McClafferty and her guests will help unravel your questions and provide evidence-based information to help you be a more confident and successful parent in these complex times.

We’ve linked the podcast, “Transgender Youth: An Interview with Dr. Abby Hollander”

The Gender Diaries by Ruby and Lucy
Meet Ruby & Lucy. We are two cisgender mamas who have come together for the purpose of telling our stories, and sharing our experiences as parents of young children who identify as transgender. We met online. We are drinking wine.

How to Be a Girl by Marlo Mack
How to Be a Girl is an audio podcast I produce about life with my six-year-old transgender daughter. It stars the two of us — a single mom and a six-year-old “girl with a penis” — as we attempt together to sort out just what it means to be a girl.

Journeys by Haley Treat
A podcast where I invite people who are in and surround the transgender community to talk about their experiences in order to bridge the gap and show who Transgender people really are.

Trans Positivity by Darcy Mack
Being transgender is difficult, and it’s easy to forget the good parts when you feel dysphoric. Trans Positivity is here to remind you of how great it is to be your authentic self!

Transparenting Podcast by Debi Jackson
Educational and support information for parents, caregivers, and advocates of transgender youth. Read more at

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What the Trans by Michelle O’Toole and Ashleigh Talbot
UK-based news podcast for trans and non-binary folks and our allies. Join snarky trans fact-finding team Michelle and Ashleigh as they dissect the news, interview guests and chat about pop culture.

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