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» Research: Why Employer Support is So Important for Transgender Employees

» Joe Biden Says Transgender Equality is “Civil Rights Issue of Our Time” in Forward of Activist’s Memoir 

» Your Biggest Questions About They/Them Pronouns, Answered 

» Prosecutor: No Hate Crime Charges in Murder of Mutilated Transgender Teen

» LGBTQ American’s Won’t be Counted in 2020 U.S. Census After All

» Transgender Teacher Removed from Classroom After Some Parents Object to Gender Neutral Prefix “Mx”

» Trans, Teen and Homeless: America’s Most Vulnerable Population

» Defending Your Identity to the State: When Families of Trans Kids Are Accused of Child Abuse

» HRC Joins With Leading Pediatric Organizations on New Guide Supporting Transgender Youth

» 6 Ways to be an Actual Ally to the Trans Students in Your Life

» Super Awesome Sylvia was a Role Model to Girls in Science. Then He Realized He is a Boy

» Experts Confirm Gender Identity is Biological & say Insurers Should Cover Trans Health Needs

» Three Charged with Gruesome Murder of Houston Transgender Teen Ally Steinfeld

» Transgender High School Students Kicked Off School Bus

» Not as Simple as XX or XY

» Parents Sound Off on Transgender “Bathroom Rule” at Grass Lake Schools 

» How the Parents of Trans Teens Are Fighting for Their Kids Lives

» When Football Players Join in to Mock Transgender People, Kansas High School Students Protest with a Sit-In

» Why Using the Bible Against LGBTQ People is Irresponsible

» Why Are Trans Youth Clinics Seeing a Shift in Cases from Trans Girls to Trans Boys

» Derricka Banner Becomes the 20th Known Trans Person Murdered in 2017

» My Journey to Being Accepted as an Out Transgender Woman at Wellesley College

» A Patient Gets the New Transgender Surgery She Helped Invent

» Why More Young People Are Embracing Gender-Fluid Identities

» Transgender Patients Fear Losing Care as Trump Rewrites Healthcare Rules

» Miss Montana USA Welcomes First Openly Transgender Contestant

» Illinois Governor Signs “Gay Panic” and Trans Birth Certificate Bills into Law

» The Pernicious Junk Science Stalking Trans Kids

» Should Kindergarten Include Books About Being Transgender 

» What It’s Like to Discover You’re Non-Binary

» This Lawyer Fights for His ‘Heroes’ – Transgender Youth

» Hundreds of Christian Leaders Denounce Anti-LGBTQ “Nashville Statement”

» Everywhere in the U.S. You Can Still be Fired for being Gay or Trans

» Meet India’s First Married Transgender Couple

» Pink Honors Androgynous Rock Stars with Emotional Speech Dedicated to her Bullied Daughter

» Trans Bathroom Access (again) Reaches Supreme Court

» Trans Students are Winning Legal Battles Across America 

» Transgender Reveal in Kindergarten Leaves Parents Feeling “Betrayed”

» Lambda Legal Sues U.S. Departments of Education and Justice for Documents About Trans Student Guidance Withdrawal

» What Nobody Talks About When We Talk About School “Bathroom Bills” 

» Being on the Bring of Puberty is Scary and Expensive for this Transgender Kid and Her Family

» First U.S. Transgender Surgery, Psychiatry Fellowships

» Phoenix Police Investigating Assault of Transgender Teen

» Transformational: Tassandra Crush to Throw Out First Pitch at Card’s Pride Night

» Study Finds More than Half of American Parents Would Support Trans Kids Transition

» Texas “Bathroom Bill” Dies in Special Legislative Session

» Healthcare for Transgender Youth is Taking Root in the U.S.

» How to know if Your Child is Transgender: What Experts Say

» Largest Study to Date: Transgender Hormone Treatment Safe

» Rebekah, 10, Talks About Being Transgender and an Advocate for Other Kids

» The First U.S. Boxer to Fight as a Woman, and Then as a Man

» Juliet Evancho Wins Battle to Use Girls Bathroom at Pennsylvania High School

» Trump Military Ban Now Policy

» Duggar Hate: Derick Dillard Attacks Fellow TLC Star, Jazz Jennings, 16, for Being Trans

» MOVIE TRAILER: Real Boy – A Son’s Transition

» Even After Teen’s Suicide, Iowa GOP Inflames Transgender Fears in Special Election

» Pastor Says Not All Baptists Support “Bathroom Bill”

» Transgender Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri Opens 

» 56 Retired U.S. Generals and Admirals Blast Trump’s Military Trans Ban

» These Doctors Just Busted Some Big Myths About Transgender People

» TeeTee Dangerfield is the 16th Transgender Person of Color Killed this Year

» These 25 Businesses Are Standing Up To Texas Discrimination

» New Clinic to Offer Range Healthcare to Help Transgender Children

» Big Oil Weighs In On Texas “Bathroom Bill” Warning it Will Threaten State’s Economy

» Father of Transgender Daughter Responds to Hateful Breakfast Club Comments

» Majority of American’s Support Transgender Military Service – Poll

» “Mamma Bears” Across Texas Are Fighting for Their Transgender Kids

» Meet the Transgender Swim Star Who’s Earned a Spot on the Men’s Team

» We Have to Stop Shaming Men Who Date Trans Women

» These Are the Transgender Troops and Veterans Trump Wants to Ban

» Boy Scouts Open Membership to Transgender Boys

» Hatch: Transgender People are People

» Mayor Invites Transgender People Banned from Military to Join Police Department

» James Corden’s Tribute to Transgender People

» U.K. Military Chiefs Praise Transgender Troops

» A Love Letter to Transgender People from a Transgender Priest

» Cost of Medical Care for Transgender Service Members Would Be Minimal, Studies Show

» Transgender Veterans Were Blindsided by Trump’s Military Ban

» Law Enforcement Comes Out Against Texas “Bathroom Bill”

» Study: Military Spends More on Viagra Than Transgender Troops’ Health Care

» Targeting Trans Troops, President Trump Just Declared War on LGBT Equality

» Inside Trump’s Snap Decision to Ban Transgender Troops

» Transgender Airman: I Would Like to See Them to Kick Me Out of My Military

» Trump Blocking Transgender Troops Comes After Pressure from Missouri’s Vicky Hartzler 

» Five Things That Can Help Us All Better Understand Transgender Childhood

» What Does Being Queer Really Mean

» New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Directing Schools to Recognize Transgender Rights

» Jennifer Lopez Used a Gender Neutral Pronoun for Her Sisters Child

» How the Parents of Trans Teens Are Fighting for Their Kids’ Lives

» I Have a Transgender Child, and I Will Keep Telling Our Story Until the Hate Stops

» Target Hits Back Against the Binary with Gender Neutral Clothing Line

» Japanese Youth are Fearlessly Embracing the Genderless Fashion Movement

» Prepare to Take Action: 115 HR 2796 IH: Civil Rights Uniformity Act of 2017

» Texas Lawmaker Says Allowing Trans Kids to be Themselves is Child Abuse

» Salvation Army Rehab Center Faces Charges for Rejecting Vulnerable Transgender People

» A Father’s Powerful Plea for his Transgender Son Wins Hearts

» Parents of Gender Non-Conforming Child Ruthlessly Attacked by James Woods Speaks Out

» GOP-Sponsored Anti-Transgender Bill Hits National Stage, Hate Group Applauds 

» Ebony Morgan, a Trans Woman Murdered in Virginia

» Target Adds a Gender Neutral Kids Line After Dropping Mossimo and Merona

» The Do’s and Don’ts of Being an Ally to Parents of Trans Kids

» Church of England Overwhelmingly Votes in Favor of Trans Initiation Ceremonies

» Sex Biology Redefined: Genes Don’t Indicate Binary Sexes

» Florida Deputy Comes Out as Transgender: “I’m Happy to Finally be Me”

» The Myth that Gender is Binary is Perpetuated by a Flawed Education System

» A Texas Dad Gave a Heart-Wrenching Speech About His trans son. It’s a must see.

» Texas GOP Leader “Disgusted” by Anti-Transgender Bill

» Ebony Morgan is the 15th Transgender Woman Killed in the U.S. in 2017

» President Trump Adds Violently Anti-Transgender Activist, Bethany Kozma, to Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

» Most People Say They Aren’t Transphobic – But Is That True?

» Ava Le’Ray Barrin, 17, Is the Youngest Trans Murder Victim of 2017 (So Far)

» Stunning Victory as U.S. Surgeon General Calls for End to Intersex Surgery

» My Daughter’s Favorite Teacher is Transgender. Here’s Why That Matters.

» 41 Photos of Boys with Dolls that Prove Gender Doesn’t Belong in the Toy Aisle

» Former Glee Star Comes Out as Transgender

» People Have Had Non-Binary Genders for THOUSANDS of Years

» A Transgender Groom Sees Beyond What He Ever Imagined 

» Church of England Considering Transgender Renaming Ceremonies

» Trans Woman ‘Stripped Naked, Sprayed with Mace’, and Forced to Wash with Toilet Water in Police Custody

» Congratulations – and Thank You – to These Pioneering Transgender Student Graduates

» Education Department Closes Transgender Student Cases as it Pushes to Scale Back Civil Rights Investigations

» Finding Himself: Transgender Child, Parents Sort Through New Reality

» Trump Administration Removes Gender and Sexual Orientation from Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

» These Doctors are Being Trained by a Transgender Actress

» A Trans Teen Explains Why He Took His School to Court (and Won)

» Oregon Becomes First State to Add Third Gender to Driver’s Licenses

» Number 13: Rest In Peace Josie Berrios

» The American Medical Association Just Made a Big Decision for Transgender Patients

» A Father’s Duty to Protect His Transgender Daughter from Discrimination

» What Being Transgender After 50 Looks Like

» Trans Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates to Go Up Against GOP Bathroom Bill Sponsor

» D.C. Fire and EMS Issue Trans “General Order”

» NYC’s First Transgender Firefighter Appointed Grand Marshal of Pride March

» Why the American Medical Association Opposes “Bathroom Bills”

» Just a Bunch of Really Good Parents Supporting Their Kids for Pride Month

» United Methodist Church Appoints Transgender Deacon

» A Letter to Texas on Spaceflight, Dreams, and Transgender Kids

» California Takes Huge Step Towards Legally Recognizing Non-Binary People

» Oregon Governor Kate Brown Signs Transgender Equality Bill

» The Toll of Coming Out for Your Trans Child

» Groundbreaking 7th Circuit Ruling in Favor of Ash Whitaker, Trans Student Seeking Access to Correct Bathroom

» Minnesota Mom Who Sued Her Transgender Daughter to Stop Transition Loses

» Trans Men Confirm All Your Worst Fears About Sexism

» Female Politicians in Texas Protest Anti-LGBT Bathroom Law by Occupying the Men’s Toilets

» North Carolina Woman Becomes the 11th Transgender Person Killed in 2017

» Texas House Approves Anti-Trans Bill

» U.S. Gender Confirmation Surgery up 19%, Doctors Say

» Why A Lot of American’s Don’t Want to Befriend a Transgender Person

» Discrimination Sunday: Texas Rushes to Pass Transgender “Bathroom Bill”

» Texas House Approves Bathroom Restrictions for Transgender Students

» A Major Victory for Transgender Health Care Just Happened in Ohio

» How My Christian Faith Led Me to Understand and Love my Daughter’s Transgender Classmate

» In Texas: “It’s an All Out Assault on LGBT People”

» Transgender Advocate Who Fought For Legal Name Change Dies at 25

» Multi-Million Dollar Hate Groups are Bullying LGBTQ Children

» Nevada Bill to Let Trans People Change Name Privately Passes Unanimously

» The Gratifying Challenges of Mothering a Trans Child

» Transgender Woman Found Beaten with Head Injury on Manhattan Sidewalk Dies

» Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to California Law Protecting Youth from “Conversion Therapy”

» Laverne Cox: Trans People Shouldn’t Have to Blend In

» UPMC Clinic Helping Transgender Youth Through Transition

» Inside the Landmark, Long Overdue Study on Chest Binding

» Making Primary Care Trans-Friendly

» Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents is Not a Phase

» Gavin Grimm Named One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017

» ‘Teenagers Becoming Transgender to be Cool’ Article Slammed by Activists

» A Look at What St. Louis Mayor Slay Has Done for the LGBT Community

» How Many Trans Children Are There

» A Transgender Learning Gap in the Emergency Room

» Open Letter to those Praising the New York Times “Tomboy” Piece

» My Daughter is Not Transgender. She’s a Tomboy. – New York Times

» The Type of Transgender You Haven’t Heard Of

» 6 Signs That You Might Not Really Respect Your Transgender Loved One

» Why All Bathrooms Should Be Gender Neutral

» Science Proves Trans People Aren’t Making It Up

» Guide to Paying for Transgender Surgeries

» My Sons School Supported His Transition, and It Has Made All the Difference in the World. Now It’s Being Sued.

» New Mexico Becomes 7th State to Ban Conversion Therapy

» Hannah is a Girl. Doctors Finally Treat Her Like One

» String of Murders Has Transgender Community on High Alert Nationwide

» Nebraska Supreme Court: Ban on Gay Foster Parents Is Indistinguishable From a “Whites Only” Sign

» Court Rules Civil Rights Act Protects LGBT People in the Workplace

» The U.S. Won’t Tally LGBT People in 2020 Census

» American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on Protecting Transgender Youth

» Transgender Boy Mack Beggs Wins Girls Wrestling Title as Texas Struggles with Transphobic Laws

» Californian Becomes Second U.S. Citizen Granted Non-Binary Gender Status

» Not From Venus-Not From Mars: What We Believe About Gender and Why It’s Often Wrong

» Transgender at the Airport: Voices

» Despite a Remand, We Fight On for Transgender Justice – Stand With Gavin Grimm

» Supreme Court Rejects Appeal in Gavin Grim Transgender Rights Case

» Supreme Court Reprimands Anti-LGBT Group for Mis-Gendering Trans Student Gavin Grimm

» Christian, Conservative, and Parenting a Transgender Child in Texas

» FAQ on Withdrawal of Federal Guidance on Transgender Students

» Bathroom Bill Draws Parade of Criticism in Senate Committee

» St. Louis Children’s Hospital to Open Pediatric Gender Center

» Why Is the Issue of Transgender so Popular Currently, When So Few People Are Actually Transgender?

» Welcoming Transgender Boy Scouts

» Transgender Model Hari Nef’s L’Oreal Campaign is a Win for Diversity

» What It’s Like When Your Daughter Becomes Your Son

» Boy Scouts, Reversing Century-Old Stance, Will Allow Transgender Boys

» Amelia Teaches Trans 101: How to Refer to a Trans Persons Past

» This Cartoonist Is Illustrating What It’s Really Like to Transition

» Whose Line Star Colin Mochrie Opens Up About Transgender Daughter

» National Geographic Explores Gender Through New Issue, Documentary

» The Fight for Transgender Equality:  Gavin’s Story

» 16 Easy Ways to Support the Transgender People in Your Life

» Transgender Model Scores Fashion Spread in Elle Magazine

» Parents of Transgender Child: Our Magnetic Five Year Old is Not a Threat to Anyone

» Answers to your Questions about Transgender People and Gender Identity

» Secret Deodorant Debuts Groundbreaking Transgender Ad

» Nike Features First Transgender Man to Compete on U.S. Men’s National Team

» Warren Beatty:  My Transgender Son is My Hero

» Listen to “Growing Up Trans”

» From He to She in First Grade

» It’s Crucial to Make Sure Transgender Voices Are Heard, But It’s Also Not Enough

» St. Louis Notches a Perfect Score on LGBTQ Equality

» Cool Kids Can Curb Bullying, Study Finds

» Back to School with StopBulllying.Gov

» How You Can Help Your Child Avoid and Address Bullying

» And Then They Came for Transgender People

» As Attention Grows, Transgender Children’s Numbers Are Elusive

» Single-User Public Bathrooms Will Be All-Gender in California

» Don’t Tell Me Not to ‘Encourage’ My Trans Child

» Transgender Children & Youth: Understanding the Basics

» Ask the Expert – Transitioning in School

» Transgender Student Locker Room Access Debate Erupts in Elgin

» Explore: Transgender Children & Youth

» Understanding the Transgender Community

» Lawsuit: Trans Students Made to Wear Green Bracelets to ID Themselves

» How the Mothers of Transgender Children Are Changing the World

» Skyler Kergil Opens Up on the Vulnerabilities of Being Trans

» Gathering – A Circle of Friends Through Activism

» Putting Truth Out There: A Bow Family’s Transgender Journey

» Transgender 101: A Guide to Gender & Identity to Help You Keep Up with the Conversation

» Public Understanding Crucial in Helping Transgender Children

» We Don’t Have to Wait for the Courts to Make Trans Kids Safe

» Trans and Adopted: Exploring Teen Identity

» 5 Invaluable Tips for Parents Trans Kids

» How Parents Can Support LGBTQ Kids in Today’s World

» Study: Transgender Children Fare Well When Allowed to Live Openly

» Transgender South Carolina Student Wins Bathroom Battle as School District Let’s Her Use the Girls’ Room

» Here Are The New Rules For Transgender Troops

» Support for Parents of Trans Kids – Cumberland Valley/Chambersburg, PA

» National Trans Youth Awareness Day in St. Louis

» Parental Support May Help Transgender Children’s Mental Health

» What I Wish I’d Known About Gender When I Became a Parent

» With Support, Transgender Kids Skip the Anxiety: Study

» The One Thing You Need to Know About Raising a Transgender Child

» What Alarmist Articles About Transgender Children Get Wrong

» A Letter to My Gay, Gender Expansive Son

» 25 Legal Advocates Fighting for Trans Rights

» Advice for a Parent Whose Child Just Told Them They Are Transgender

» Transgender Lives Your Stories: Dr. Halle Cheeseman

» Against Me! Rocker Laura Jane Grace Opens Up About Trans Identity in 2015

» Mom of Transgender Child Says She Was Obsessed with Death Before Her Transition

» Becoming Nicole

» Five Years on Film: Growing Up Trans in the South

» Every LGBTQ+ Person Should Read This

» History alumnus, teacher Rodney Wilson reflects on LGBT History Month’s beginnings

» Knowing LGBT History is Knowing Yourself

» The Pursuit of (Authentic) Happiness: Dr. Johanna Olson

» About Ray – Movie

» Ten Things Every Parent of a Transgender Child Should Know

» Family Blog: The Importance of Being an Ally to your Transgender Child

» First Transgender Kids Club in Missouri

» Frontline “Growing Up Trans” coming to PBS

» Yes, My Teenage Son is Transgender; No, You May Not Ask About His Genitals

» Suicidal Thoughts Prevalent in Transgender Kids

» Introducing Caitlyn Jenner on the Cover of Vanity Fair

» California Mother Appeals for Support for Transgender Teens After Losing Son to Suicide

» Two Transgender Men Show Every Journey is Personal and Unique

» Inside Out: Portraits of Cross-Gender Children

» Parents Stress Tolerance After Child’s Gender Identity Change

» Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid

» My Son, My Hero

» My Son Wears Dresses and That’s Okay With Me

» Incredible Story of Transgender Son Will Have You Crying … And Then Cheering

» Debi Jackson, Mother of Transgender Child, Gives Moving Speech

» Suicide Attempts Among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults

» The Trans Everything CEO – The Highest Paid CEO in America!

» 5 Trans Legal Protections Mapped Across the U.S.

» “I Am A Girl” Transgender Children Face a Society Slow to Accept Them

» Creating Body Parts in a Lab:  Things Are Happening Now

» Mom Speaks Out on Child’s Suicide Attempt Over “My Little Pony” Bullying

» 10 Important Trends that Will Affect the Transgender Community in 2014

» She Never Was A Boy

» We Think He Might Be A Boy

» The Growing Transgender Presence in Pop Culture

» Fundraising on the TransAdvocate

» 10 Transgender Wins of 2013 You Should Know About

» Facebook Adds Gender Options

» The Biggest Transgender Moments of 2013

» Mr. Transman 2013 – Winner

» What Happens When You Find the One … and He’s Nothing – Nothing – Like You Expected

» Mother Reveals Epiphany Moment She Knew Her Son Was Transgender

» Mr. Transman 2013: 3rd Annual FTM Competition

» How Pink and Blue Became Gender-Specific

» About a Girl:  Coy Mathis’ Fight to Change Gender – Rolling Stone

» Gender Identity Added to Code of Ethics of National Association of Realtors

» The Man Behind NOM’s New War on Transgender Students

» The Robertsons – Parents Learn a Lesson in Love, Acceptance and Christianity

» Bullied Kids Often Develop Physical Symptoms, Study Says

» Cyber Bullying As Harmful As Physical Threats

» “ZE” The CW Drama About A Transgender Teen and His Family

» Let Toys Be Toys

» My Son Wears Dresses – Get Over It

» Seven Ways to Be a Trans Ally

» Clothing Line for Girls Who Don’t Want to be Defined by Pink and Purple

» Starting Junior High As A Transgender Student

» We Think He Might Be A Boy

» 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Transition

» A Boy’s Camp to Redefine Gender

» NPR:  Transgender Youth Battle the Odds – “I’m Not the Only One”

» Transgender Navy Seal Comes Out in New Memoir “Warrior Princess”

» Fighting for Acceptance for Transgender Youth

» Family Acceptance of LGBT Youth Protects Against Depression, Substance Abuse, Suicide

» Transgender Child 12 and Family Start Support Group

» McDonald’s Supports Transgender Rights

» Jazz Receives GLAAD Award

» From Humiliation to Appreciation – A Father’s Transition as Seen by Their Child

» 100 Amazing Trans Americans You Should Know

» 5,000 Year Old Transgender Skeleton Discovered

» DC Comics Introduces First Transgender Character in Mainstream Comic

» Beyond the Gender Box: Teenager In Transition

» Beyond the Gender Box:  ‘Alive’ co-founder lives authentically as transgender man

» Beyond the Gender Box:  Intersex and the City

» Beyond the Gender Box:  It’s a Queer World After All

» Nate Berkus Told His Dad That He Was Born Gay – It Wasn’t a Choice

» Why I Bought Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter

» New Fords Male Model is a Woman

» The Sissy Boy Experiment


» Back to School with

» Back to School Guide for LGBT Student, Parents and Teachers

» Recruited by Harvard for the Women’s Swim Team, He’ll Jump into the Pool as a Man

» Harvard Business School’s First Transgender Student Speaks Out

» Transgender Boy Returns to School in Edmonton, Proudly Sharing His Story

» Coy Mathis Transgender Bathroom Decision A Warning to School Districts

» Damian Garcia, Transgender Student, Must Wear Girl’s Graduation Attire, School Rules

» American Schools Now Dealing with Gender Identity Disorder

» Victory! Transgender Student Returns to School

» What A Welcoming School Feels Like


» This Supreme Court Case Could Affect Trans Lives for Generations

» Trump Vows to Continue LGBT Workplace Rights Protections

» First Transgender Soldier Seeks Formal Army Recognition

» Meet the Trans Woman Running for State Senate in a Mormon State

» Supreme Court Takes Up Transgender Bathroom Case

» For D.C.’s LGBT Community, A Police Liaison Who Can Relate

» The Only Black Transgender Female Delegate at the DNC Has a Message of Hope and Change

» Federal Judge Bans University of North Carolina from Enforcing Bathroom Bill Part of HB2

» Federal Judge Blocks Obama Administration’s Transgender Bathroom Guidance

» U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Transgender Bathroom Choice for Now

» How Do You Change Voters’ Mind? Have a Conversation

» New Proposed Federal Rules Will Help End Health Insurance Discrimination

» MILESTONE: U.S. Board of Education Announces Title IX Protect Transgender Students from Discrimination

» Anti-LGBT groups acquire enough signatures to repeal California law protecting transgender students

» Obama Administration Opens The Door To Medicare-Funded Sex Reassignment Surgery

» Transgender Students Protected Under Title IX, U.S. Department of Education Says

» New Jersey Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

» Sadie, 11-Year-Old Transgender Girl, Writes Essay In Response To Obama’s Inauguration Speech

» Joe Biden: Transgender Discrimination Is ‘The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time’


» Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Children – Healthy Children.Org Sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics

» Can Delaying Puberty Help Transgender Kids?

» A Third of Endocrinologists are Unwilling to Care for Transgender Patients

» Harvard/Yale Study Shows Positive Psychological Effects of Hormone Therapy in Transgender Individual

» Transgender Patients Face Challenges at the Hospital

» Medical Services Growing in St. Louis for Transgender Children

» Transgender Medical Research and Provider Education Lacking

» Why There’s a Medical Crisis for Transgender Youth by Dr. Johanna Olson

» The Change Agent – Dr. Rob Garofalo of Lurie’s Children’s is Leading the Way in Helping Transgender Kids

» American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Offers Recommendations for Care of LGBTQ Youth

» Transgender Youth Have Typical Hormone Levels

» Dr. Norman Spack Transformed the Way We Treat Transgender Children

» Maine Pediatricians Support Transgender Student’s Use of Girls Bathroom

» Homosexuality Ultimately a Result of Gene Regulation, Researchers Find

» Medical Treatement for Transgender Kids:  Is It Ethical

» Dr. Forcier Leading a Revolution in Care for Transgender Kids

» Lurie LGBT Center Launching Gender Identity Clinic


» A Come to Jesus Talk on Transgender Youth

» Westboro Baptist Just Messed with the Wrong Group of Students

» The Robertsons – Parents Learn a Lesson in Love, Acceptance and Christianity

» What Does the Bible Actually Say About Gay Marriage?

» Becoming The Person God Wants Us To Be

» Focus on the Family:  Transgender Young People Don’t Exist in Physical Reality